Snowmelting Controls

Snow Melting Control

The STEP® Touch thermostat’s snowmelt control mode provides economical control of your heated driveway, walkway or roof deicing solution.

The STEP® Touch Snowmelt mode is used when the thermostat is being used to control the STEP® Snowmelt and STEP® Deicing elements. The external temperature sensor is installed in the concrete or on the roof, and the set temperature is adjustable between 32°-41°F/0°-5°C. This value is maintained in flash memory, and will not be lost in the event of a power outage.

The display will show the external sensor measurement, and when both the UP/DOWN switches are pressed and released within 1 second, the display will show the ambient temperature for a short period. When the STEP® Touch thermostat is in Snowmelt mode, the snowflake logo on the front panel will glow blue.

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