STEP® Gutter Deicing

STEP® Gutter Deicing 3″ (7cm)

STEP® Gutter Deicing 3″ wide radiant heating element is designed to solve problems with snow buildup, ice damming and creation of icicles. Make sure to provide proper drainage for the melted ice and snow in gutters.

STEP® Gutter Deicing is protected by a 2-mil chemically, inherently inert and dielectric insulation so that the heating element can be installed directly in the gutter and downspout. This element is used to help drain the water that would otherwise freeze in the gutters and downspouts.

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✔ Strong, thin and flexible lightweight element with an impermeable membrane that protects against physical damages and aggressive materials
✔ Operates on 24 volts (AC/DC); Connect to a power supply, solar or wind power
✔ Self-regulating; As the material gets warmer, less electricity passes through the plastic – therefore it is extremely energy-efficient
✔ Easy to install; roll out the elements and cut to size on the job site, connect wires to power supply and elements
✔ Maintenance-free when installed
Model: MEP-7-30W-24V
Heating Element type: Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) semi-conductor polymer
Width: 3" (76 mm)
Length: Cut to order
Max. Element Length: 21ft (12.8 m)
Weight: 0.06lb/ft (0.09 kg/m)
Thickness: 3/64" (1.2 mm)
Output Wattage (at 24VAC): 9.0 W/ft (29W/m) @68°F (20°C)
10.7 W/ft (35 W/m) @32°F (30°C)
Nominal Resistance: 64 Ω/ft (19.5 Ω/m) @68°F (20°C)
Primary Draw on 230V: 0.039 amps per foot (0.305)
Element Length* Power Supply (24V) Watts Amps 120V Amps 240V
12ft (3.8m) 150VA 132 1.1 0.6
21ft (6.4m) 250VA 225 1.9 1.0
42ft (12.8m) 500VA 450 3.8 1.9
84ft (25.6m) 1000VA 900 7.5 3.8
126ft (38.5m) 1500VA 1350 11.3 5.6
* Maximum total element length per power supply. Element length cut to order Maximum Element Length by Strip: 21ft (12.8 m)
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