Snowmelt Class 1-3 Applications

Design Snowmelt Systems According to Expectations

STEP® Snowmelt can address Class I, Class II, and Class III ASHRAE melting requirements.

When deciding on a snowmelt system it is essential to decide on the purpose of the system and how effective the system should be. Do you want the ground completely dry or is it acceptable with some snow slush on the ground shortly after a snowfall?

ASHRAE classifications split snowmelt systems into three groups:

  • Class I (snow free ratio 0): Designed not to melt snow while it is falling, but afterwards
  • Class II (snow free ratio 0.5): 50% of snow is melted while falling, the rest afterwards
  • Class III (snow free ratio 1): All snow and ice is melted while falling

When designing a snowmelt system it is essential to know the area conditions; snowfall days, temperature, surface type, heat loss to ground, atmospheric loss and perimeter insulations are some of the parameters needed to create a snowmelt solutions according to expectations.

Our company has engineers with the skillset to design and calculate snowmelt systems. Over the years we have made snowmelt solutions for a variety of applications including driveways, sidewalks, stairs, helicopter platforms and ship decks.

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