Heated Driveways

Snow Melting Systems – Keep your Driveway and Sidewalk Snow-free

STEP® Snowmelt is designed to melt snow and ice on entrances, walkways, driveways, ramps, patios, etc. The snow melt system eliminates shoveling snow and protects pedestrians from slippery ice or snow covered driveways and sidewalks. Install a snow melting system today and experience the benefits of STEP® Snowmelt:

  • Avoid shoveling snow
  • Keep pedestrians safe
  • Low operating expenses compared to alternative snow melting systems
  • Maintenance free
  • 10 years Warranty
  • Increase the life of asphalt, concrete and other surfaces
  • Increase the value of your property

Design of Snow Melt Systems According to Expectations

When deciding on a snowmelt system it is essential to decide on the purpose of the system and how effective the system should be. Do you want the ground completely dry or is it acceptable with some snow slush on the ground shortly after a snowfall? Our engineers can design the system according to your expectations.

Products and Energy Efficiency

Our Patented low voltage radiant heating mat STEP® Snowmelt is a durable, yet thin (3/64”) element. This 12” wide snow melt mat is made of a homogeneous, semi-conductive polymer, which by nature is self-regulating. This self-regulating technology (PTC nano-technology) allows the heating elements to heat with maximum power in cold environments and use less electricity as they warm up. This minimizes power consumption and reduces your snow melt costs by 30 to 60% compared to conventional cable systems.

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