Free Design Service

Free Radiant heat Design Service and Electrical Worksheet

STEP Warmfloor® provides a FREE layout and material quotation for each project. Please allow 3-7 business days for the generation and return of this proposal.

Services provided


We provide our customers with a CAD layout that fits the needs of their current project or projects. To provide even heat and system efficiency, a layout is required prior to installation.

Included Benefits:
Element Numbering (used in Electrical Worksheet & Wiring Diagram)
Element Placement
Element Lengths


To ensure proper installation, we provide our customers with an electrical worksheet that directly links the numbered heating elements from the layout to their designated EPI-LX / EPI-LX-R power supply(s).

Included Benefits:

Estimated Project Calculations
Maximum Wire Lengths
Installed Wattages (per square foot)
Primary / Secondary Amperages
Technical Details


As a supplement to the electrical worksheet, a wiring diagram is provided detailing specific wire routes for all STEP Warmfloor® components to be installed.

Included Benefits:
Detailed Wire Routing
Maximum Wire Lengths
Primary / Secondary Amperages
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