Operating Cost Calculator

Heated floors: Operating Cost Calculator

The operating cost calculator emphasizes the importance of proper insulation and avoiding an on/off system to reduce your heating costs.

The actual cost of heating your floors depend on a variety of factors that include:

  • how well insulated is the area to be heated?
  • are doors kept closed?
  • the outdoor temperature
  • prefered indoor temperature
  • room size
  • price of electricity and
  • is radiant heat the primary heat source or used just for floor warming?

To give you an indication of the cost to heat a room or a larger area compared to cables use the calculator below.

Heated Floors Cost Calculator

The heating pattern drop down selection underneath illustrates the importance of proper insulation, and the differences between maintaining an even heat 24 hours a day or using a thermostat to turn on the radiant heat two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening.


  • Cables require 2.5 timer more wattage to gain the same heat output (2.5 times more consumption)

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