STEP Warmfloor as a Heat Source

STEP Warmfloor® as a Heat Source

Floor Warming, Complementary and Primary Heating

STEP Warmfloor® eliminates cold floors. It is essential in a bathroom under ceramic tiles and it can be used in any room, under most finished floorings, including wood, laminate, carpet, resilient, and natural stone. The radiant heating elements can also be installed between the floor joists when the existing floor covering is to be maintained.

STEP Warmfloor® can be used as the primary heat source, as a complementary heat source or simply to take the chill away from your floors. Heat requirements depend on room size and usage, insulation values, location and outside average temperature. A heat loss calculation is necessary when STEP Warmfloor® is the primary heat source.

Cost to operate

STEP Warmfloor® is the most energy efficient radiant heat source available. Calculations indicate that STEP Warmfloor® uses 40 to 60% less energy to gain the same heat output compared to cables and water tubing (hydronics). But what is the actual cost of heating your floors? This depend on a variety of factors including;

  • how well insulated are the areas to be heated?
  • are doors kept closed?
  • the outdoor temperature
  • prefered indoor temperature
  • room size
  • price of electricity
  • and is radiant heat the primary heat source or used just for floor warming?

If you already have a primary heat source, you can use the infloor radiant heating solutions as complementary heat or only for floor warming using an air sensor or a floor sensor.

STEP Warmfloor® is not only a radiant heating solution that can take away the chill from your floors for a couple of hours in the morning and evening. It is a cost efficient heating solution to heat a room or a complete house.

To give you an indication of the cost to heat a room or a larger area use our operating cost calculator.

Better Comfort at a Lower temperature

The heat generated from STEP Warmfloor® gives the ideal gentle warmth over the whole floor surface. The even distribution of heat eliminates drafts and gives a pleasant comfort at a lower temperature. STEP Warmfloor® does not circulate dust and allergens that can cause respiratory problems. Due to increased temperature at the floor level, there is less moisture, thereby inhibiting dust mites and mold/mildew problems.

As documented by ANSI/ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc.), the ideal floor temperature is 75°F (24°C). Health guidelines require floor temperature not to exceed 82°F (28°C) all within the range of STEP Warmfloor®. Because STEP Warmfloor® is self-regulating, it maintains the ideal temperature.

Safe Low Voltage System

STEP Warmfloor® is the safest electric system on the market. The system is ETL listed and complies to ANSI/UL-1693 and CAN/CSA-C22.2 no. 217 standards and CE marking. STEP Warmfloor® operates on low-voltage and does not require a ground fault interrupter. It is normally connected to a 24V power supply, but it can also be run by a solar or wind-powered source.

Maintenance-Free and soundless

Once installed, the system will provide a lifetime of soundless comfort. There are no high-temperatures, stress, or wear on the material. There is no need for a mechanical room with a boiler, pumps, and valves to maintain. There is no dangerous storage of fuel and gas or risk of electrical shock.

Designer Living

With STEP Warmfloor® in-floor radiant heating you have complete freedom to decorate your rooms. There are no baseboard heaters obstructing the placement of furniture. STEP Warmfloor® is a near invisible product, placed underneath the flooring surface where only a stylish thermostat visible.

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