Energy Saving Tips

Energy Saving Tips


Insulation decreases energy costs and increases the building’s comfort level in winter and summer. Insulation should be placed between any area that separates a heated space from an unheated space; this includes all exterior walls, attics and floors over unheated areas.

It is highly recommended to place insulation under the heating elements. It is also important to know the thermal transmission properties of the floor covering. When higher thermal resistance is applied on the radiant floor, compensate by placing higher R-value insulation under the heating elements with a ratio of 4 to 1.

Insulation on floors must be strong and stiff. Consult manufacturer for deflection/load characteristics and for maximum allowable live and dead load limits. Check that the product and installation procedure is approved by code for the application. When installing the heating elements under the subfloor, between joists, place the the insulation snug under the elements with no air gap.

Use snug insulation when installing STEP Warmfloor® and avoid any airgap below the element. STEP Warmfloor® must not be in direct contact with any conductive material. When using insulation with reflective aluminum foil, choose a one-sided aluminum backing and place the aluminum foil facing downwards. Learn more about insulation

Zoning and Thermostats (controls)

Not everyone has the same heating preferences and individual zoning for each room is not only comfortable but also very cost effective. With Step Warmfloor® thermostats you can individually zone every room, and/or use the programmable thermostat to adjust the temperature to your specific needs.

Maintain an Even Temperature

Keep the system on at all times and avoid using a programmable thermostat to heat your floors two hours in the morning and evening. Keeping the system on maintaining an even temperature is more efficient than an on/off system.

Floor Sensor

A floor sensor may be preferable when using several heat sources to heat a house. The floor sensor prevents STEP Warmfloor® from competing with the other heating systems in the house.

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