Safe Low Voltage System

Safe Low Voltage Radiant Heating System

STEP Warmfloor® operates on low-voltage, AC or DC, and does not require a ground fault switch.

STEP Warmfloor® takes in consideration ease of installation and safety for the end user and installer of the system.

Heating Elements Cannot Overheat

STEP Warmfloor® is a strong, flexible, thin plastic heating mat.  It is made of an innovative polymer blend that heats when electricity is passed through the material. To provide power continuously along its length, a flat bus braid is embedded in the plastic sheet heater along each edge. Unlike other types of radiant floor heating, STEP Warmfloor® has the unique ability to self-regulate. So by design it cannot overheat.

Safety Extra-Low Voltage

The heating elements operate on low-voltage and are normally connected to a 24-volt power supply, but can also be run by solar or wind-power source.  Using Safety Extra-Low Voltage (SELV) is one of several means to protect against electrical shock. The safety of a SELV circuit is provided by the extra-low voltage (under 30 volts) and the low risk of accidental contact with a higher voltage.

No Grounding Requirements

STEP Warmfloor® radiant heating elements should not be grounded.   The safety of a SELV circuit lacks a return path through a ground source so that an electric current cannot come in contact with a human body.

Safety in Wet Areas

STEP Warmfloor® is a safe low voltage product and ideally suited for bathrooms and other wet environments.  Because it is mainly a polymer, it is unaffected by moisture.


All materials used in the STEP Warmfloor® system are ecologically safe. Polyethylene is an environmentally friendly product; it does not produce hazardous gases, and is biodegradable in sunlight. Electromagnetic field values are low.


Further the product has met the stringent international ETL listing protocol and conforms to the ANSI/UL-1693 standard.

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