Primary and Complementary Heating

Floor warming or primary heating

Do you want a floor warming system to take away the chill from your cold floors or heat your whole house with radiant heating? The STEP Warmfloor® radiant heating system is just as suitable for large commercial installations as heating houses or bathrooms.

Floor Warming and Complementary Heating

Floor warming systems take the chill out of your cold floors, but are not designed to be the primary heat source. Typically, a radiant floor warming system is installed in a bathroom, underneath tiles in the kitchen, hallways or any other area where you want the comfort of underfloor radiant heating. As a complementary heat source it will provide a gentle and even underfloor heating experience in addition to the existing heating system you have in your house.

When installing a floor warming system in open areas where it covers only a part of the surface, it is important to be aware of the fact that the radiant floor heating system will try to heat the surrounding area. This does not mean that the total cost of heating will increase, but your electricity bill may be higher if you use other energy sources as your primary heat source. Heat goes to cold and inversly the cost of other energy sources may be reduced.

The STEP Warmfloor® radiant floor warming system provides an even and energy efficient heat, requires no maintenance and will contribute to reducing your total energy costs.

Primary Heating in a house, single room or commercial building

STEP Warmfloor® is the perfect choice as a primary heat source in a room, a house or in large commercial building. STEP Warmfloor® Patented low voltage radiant heating element  is a durable, yet thin (3/64”) element. This 12” wide element is made of a homogeneous, semi-conductive polymer, which by nature is self-regulating. This self-regulating technology (PTC nano-technology) allows the elements to heat with maximum power in cold environments and use less electricity as they warm up.

The elements can be installed directly under any floor covering and require almost no floor buildup enabling the elements to react quickly to temperature changes. When installed, the 12” wide elements cover over 60% of the floor and provide an efficient and even heat distribution. This minimizes power consumption and reduces your heating cost by 30 to 60% compared to conventional heating systems.

With electric radiant floor heating as a heat source you can individually heat different areas to the desired temperature with a thermostat:

  • Not everyone has the same temperature comfort needs
  • You may want to keep some rooms warmer than others
  • You want to keep the floors warm and not rely on the ambient temperature
  • You are aware of energy efficiency and want to keep the cost down

When installing STEP Warmfloor® as a primary heat source it is required to make a heat loss calculation. The heat loss calculation identifies the necessary heat output required to heat the room to the desired ambient temperature.

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