Heat Loss to Ground

Low Operating Temperature close to the surface Reduces Heat Loss to Ground

STEP Warmfloor® heating elements operate on a low temperature close to the surface reducing to a minimum heat loss to the ground.

When the temperature difference between a heating element and the environment is minimal, there is less heat loss. The reason for this is exergy.

For radiant floor heat, exergy is the potential of a heating system to cause change in temperature as it acheives equilibrium (equal temperature) with its surroundings (floor). The heat loss caused by exergy is largest when major temperature differences exists between the heating element and the floor.

STEP Warmfloor® flat radiant heating elements cover a large floor area and operate on a lower temperature compared to other radiant heating solutions, such as cables and water tubing (hydronics).

The temperature difference between STEP Warmfloor® and the ground is minimal, giving less heat loss.

Heat loss through the subfloor:
10sqft x 1/20 (84-50)oF = 5 W

The temperature difference between the hot water tubing and the ground gives considerable heat loss.

Heat loss through the subfloor:
10sqft x 1/20 (120-50)oF = 10 W

As the figure and calculations show, the heat loss to ground for Step Warmfloor® is substantially less than for a water tubing system. For efficiency and accurate calculations, it will also be necessary to take into consideration the location and type of construction, including thermal insulation and flooring installed.

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