Commercial Floor Heating

Energy efficient radiant floor heating solution for commercial buildings

STEP Warmfloor® commercial radiant heating solution is designed for a healthy, productive and energy efficient work environment. STEP Commercial™ radiant floor heating will influence the health and wellness the employees by avoiding drafts and dust particles (allergens) to be blown around the work area. The heat stays where you want it at the body level and not in the ceiling.

Save money, improve employees working conditions and bring a healthy and comfortable heat solution to the office and warehouse.

Save Money with Nano-Tech

The flat heater elements cover over 60% of the floor and provide an efficient and even heat distribution making STEP Warmfloor™ 30-60% more efficient than conventional heating systems.

Get LEED Credits

STEP Warmfloor® is certified by Greener Product  confirming the product complies with the LEED and NAHB standards and may earn credits that contribute to certification under green building rating systems, such as LEED®, LEED for Homes and NAHB.

Solutions for the Office and Warehouse

STEP Commercial™ radiant heating solution features a Patented thin (3/64″), 9 or 12 inch wide flexible polymer heating element. The commercial element’s heat output is higher than the residential elements, and can be installed in concrete or directly under most floor coverings.

Easy Installation and Maintenance-Free

Once a layout has been determined, simply cut the element to the appropriate length, make the electrical connections, and run the extension wires to the power supply. When installed the the radiant heating solution is free from maintenance.

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