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How to Install Radiant Floor Heating

STEP Warmfloor® radiant heating system uses a thin (3/64”), flexible flat heating element operating on low voltage. These durable, lightweight heating elements can be stapled or nailed through and can be cut to length on the job site.

The installation requires almost no floor buildup making it an excellent choice for remodeling and retrofit applications, in addition to new construction.

Once installed, the floor heating system will provide a lifetime of comfort. There are no high-temperatures, stress, or wear on the material. There is no need for a mechanical room with a boiler, pumps, and valves to maintain. There is no dangerous storage of fuel and gas or risk of electrical shock.

1. Plan

Design the system and make a layout. Elements should be placed in open areas away from conductive materials, plumbing and fixed fittings. Installation should confirm to local building codes, ordinances and trade practices.

2. Insulation

For any floor warming or radiant heat system, the use of proper thermal insulation is required. Without the use of insulation, cold stripes on the finished floor surface may be evident even with a tight element spacing. As a minimum, you need to have more R-value below the elements than above.

3. Installation

Once a layout has been determined, simply cut the element to the appropriate length, make the electrical connections, and run the extension wires to the power supply and/or optional terminal block. Secure the elements to the subfloor (with approved adhesive, staples, or pegs) and cover according to trade practices.

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1. Roll out the elements

2. Cut the elements to size

3. Connect wires to power supply

4. Cover according to trade practice

Tile and Stone

Apply tile

Laminate & Wood

Install underlayment and flooring if applicable


Install carpet cushin and carpet

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