Electro Plastics, Inc. released a brand new product to its offering of radiant heat systems. The new STEP® Heat Trace Line Voltage is a line voltage system used for radiant heat, snow melt and deicing in industrial and commercial buildings. STEP® Heat Trace Line Voltage is a heating solution for interior and exterior applications, specifically in large concrete installations, including manufacturing facilities, warehouses and garages.
STEP® Heat Trace Line Voltage is available in different widths and lengths, and if applicable, can be grounded with an optional STEP® Sheath. Unlike other STEP® heating elements, the STEP® Heat Trace Line Voltage is designed for larger projects and does not require a transformer. The STEP® Heat Trace Line Voltage system connects to the STEP® AC Controller, available in 230V, and can be used with the STEP Touch® thermostat and external sensor.
“Customers love our self-regulating technology, and we knew we had to look into another offering for those larger projects,” says Monica Irgens, president, Electro Plastics, Inc. “Instead of needing dozens of transformers in a large warehouse, STEP® Heat Trace Line Voltage doesn’t require any. It operates right from the STEP® AC Controller.”
The STEP® Heat Trace Line Voltage elements are made of homogeneous, semi-conductive polymer. This self-regulating PTC nanotechnology allows the element to heat with maximum power in cold environments and uses less electricity as the temperature increases. This minimizes power consumption and reduces operating costs compared to conventional electric cable systems.
The element is protected by a chemically, inherently inert and dielectric insulation. This liner protects against physical damages and aggressive materials to allow the heating element to be installed under concrete or other non-combustible material in industrial and commercial applications. Other features of STEP® Heat Trace Line Voltage include:

  • Durable, flat, thin and flexible line voltage heating element
  • Factory-wired with two extension wires, ten feet each; wire lengths can be made to fit customer specifications
  • Energy efficient, self-regulating PTC technology – as the material gets warmer, less electricity passes through the plastic
  • The element acts as a sensor and cannot overheat

Also, STEP® Heat Trace Line Voltage may be used for snow melt and/or deicing. In addition to being used under concrete to eliminate the need for shoveling snow, this product could be used in bridges and overpasses to prevent accidents due to slippery roads.
“We designed this based on the feedback from our customers,” says Irgens. “We are so proud to continue developing elements and STEP® systems that help our customers solve problems.”
Electro Plastics, Inc. offers a range of radiant heating solutions. All products are ETL listed, have the CE marking and conform to ANSI/UL. For further information, contact Monica Irgens at 1-314-426-3555 or visit www.electroplastics.com.

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