New Liner Resistant to Water and Chemicals

For the past 30 years, STEP Warmfloor® has maintained electronics working in the Antarctic, de-iced tugboats in Alaska, and heated houses all over from Norway to Ushuaia. Our product was resistant to either water or chemicals. Now, it’s resistant to both. We introduced a new liner to add to our STEP Warmfloor® heating elements to resist water and chemical damage, so that they are better protected in all types of installations.

We also made the heating elements more attractive and recognizable by using a printed liner with the STEP® logo. This will make it very easy to recognize the original STEP Warmfloor® should anyone try to sell you something else.

New Liner

Our new product comes after years of feedback from you all. A product or system has to include all the components, has to be simple to install for the contractor and easy to use for the end-user. We listen to our distributors, resellers, contractors and end users to learn from them what works and what needs to be improved. This is how we can offer our customers the best product and most efficient installation for their application.

STEP3 We are always looking of ways to improve our heating elements, our transformers and our controls. Please continue to contact us with your comments and success stories.


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Many of you have already viewed and shared our installtion video. Thank you!

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