Snowmelting Controls

Snow Melting Controls

The snowmelt control provides economical control of your heated driveway, walkway or roof deicing solution.

ETO2 is an advanced programmable snowmelt and deicing control with an easily operated encoder button and a back-lit graphic display. It can be programmed to detect both temperature and moisture, allowing you to energize the snowmelting system only when snow and ice occur. With the ETO2 you can also control two zones simultaneously giving the option of controlling roof deicing and ground snowmelt in one unit.

ETO2 can be ordered with a ground sensor for detection of temperature and moisture, a gutter sensor for detection of moisture, an outdoor sensor for detection of temperature, and a cover for wall mounting.

Technical Information

Supply voltage: 115/230V ±10%, 50 / 60HZ
3 outlet relays (potential free contact): 16A / 16A / 16A
2 zone application: Output is 2x16A
Alarm output relay (potential free): 5A
Temperature range (Adjustable): 0 / +10 °C
Temperature range (Working): -20 / +10 °C
Built-in timer for manual snow melting / afterheat: 1 – 6 hours
Ambient temperature: 0 / +50 °C
Housing: IP20
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