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St. Louis Welcomes Proud Green Home

Going green isn’t just a trend anymore. Building a sustainable home is becoming a more common practice, and they are starting to sprout in St. Louis.

Proud Green Home partnered with us and other contracting companies to build a five-bedroom, 3,700 sq.-ft. home in Wildwood, Mo., that is expected to meet a number of green building standards.

“We’re so excited not just to be a part of such an environmentally-friendly project, but to do it right here in our hometown,” says Monica Irgens, STEP Warmfloor president. “Our projects bring us all over the world, from the South Pole to Norway, and I couldn’t be happier to bring this green solution right next door.”

The house will feature the STEP Warmfloor heating elements in the master bathroom. “This is a common place for our product,” Monica says. “Who wants to get out of a warm shower and step onto cold tile? With STEP Warmfloor, this new house will offer heated floors so this lucky home owner doesn’t have to face that.”

This project is expected to be complete this year. Stay updated at

Sobre nós

Electro Plastics, Inc. dba STEP Warmfloor™  é um fabricante americano de aquecimento de piso radiante elétrico, sistemas de snowmelt e roof de-icing. A sede da empresa está localizada em Saint Louis, Missouri, USA. Com 3251 metros quadrados LEEDS de construções registradas é um "laboratório vivo" como prova das propriedades de conforto e eficiência de energia do STEP Warmfloor™.


Nossos produtos de aquecimento radiante estão na lista da  ETL, tem a marca da CE e as conformidades da ANSI/UL:


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    Curitiba, PR - 80420-000 - Brasil
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