Guidelines in How to Use Our Logo

Guidelines in how to use our logo

If you intend to use STEP Warmfloor®’s logo you should follow these guidelines.

Primary logo presentation

STEP Warmfloor® primary logo. The clear space surrounding the STEP Warmfloor® logo, as shown in the accompanying illustration highlights an area in which other visual elements must not intrude. This clear space ensures the STEP Warmfloor® logo is always legible and visible.

Logo on colored background


The STEP Warmfloor® logo also appears in a version for use on dark backgrounds with a white glow around the logo text to ensure the logo is always legible and visible.


Logo types, modifications and usage

The STEP Warmfloor® logo should always be placed in its entirety, and should not be manipulated in any way. Alterations as logo distortion, colour modifications, substitute the logo font, place a box around the logo, or use it in a sentence is not allowed.

The STEP Warmfloor® logo is available in different formats (.eps, png, jpg) to ensure the logo presentation is clear, visable and legible.

Recommended file format
Type of project .eps .png .jpg
Webpages x x
Books x
Newsletters x
Newspapers x
Offset printing x
Posters x
Signs x
Videos x x
TV x x
Banners x
Business Cards not allowed not allowed not allowed
Letterheads not allowed not allowed not allowed
Stationary not allowed not allowed not allowed
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