Dealership Opportunities

Interested in adding additional income to your existing business?

STEP Warmfloor® radiant heating solutions are sold through distributors, flooring stores, HVAC and electrical wholesalers throughout the United States and internationally.

We are now looking to increase our distribution, and if you are interested in adding Step Warmfloor to your product range, we would be interested to talk to you.

Capitalize on the emerging market trend for GREEN and energy efficient solutions and benefit from:

  • Volume discount schedule
  • Exclusive software
  • The most energy efficient heating solutions in your product portefolio

Sales and Marketing Support

The STEP Warmfloor®  Program will provide you with the tools necessary to succeed in the growing radiant heating market. When you become a STEP Warmfloor® reseller, you will receive the immediate benefit of our national sales and marketing efforts currently in place. Additionally, a STEP Warmfloor® is always available to support you with technical support and market knowledge.

STEP Warmfloor® will provide the support you need to succeed:

  • Marketing and sales collateral
  • Product training and support
  • In-store displays
  • Quoting software

STEP Warmfloor® is focused on developing and marketing energy effective solution for floor heating, roof deicing and snowmelt to homeowners and the commercial market.

Technical Support

Before and after the sale, service and support are often the deciding factor for customers. STEP Warmfloor® will provide you with the necessary training and technical support that will arm you with the tools you need to keep your customers happy.

  • Pre and post sales support
  • Product training
  • Product & Software Updates


STEP Warmfloor® understands that your ability to sell solutions is tied to having relevant and up-to-date information.

In order to ensure you have the proper tools, we offer:

  • Frequent Distributor News via Email
  • Conferences for Resellers
  • Resellers Resource Webpage

If you are interested in adding STEP Warmfloor® to your product range please fill out the form below and a STEP Warmfloor™ representative will contact you.

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