STEP RV™ - Heating RV/s, motorhomes, boats, etc

STEP RV™ 12" (30cm) wide radiant heating element is designed to provide heating in RV/s, motorhomes, boats, etc.

Heating RVs, boats and motorhomes

STEP Warmfloor® has a long experience in providing heating solutions for the automobile industry. The heating elements were orginally made to be used in car seat heaters, but the flexibility and energy efficient properties of the heater has later been used in a variety of applications. STEP RV™ are made to be installed in the floors of recreational vehicles, but can also be installed in the walls. 

STEP RV™ has a higher wattage output than the standard residential elements, as these types of applications normally have higher heat losses. 

The heating element is normally connected to a 24V power supply, but it can also run on solar or wind power. If the system is connected to 12V, the element will give ¼ of the maximum power – 11 W/ft (36 W/m) x (12)2 / (24)2 = 2.75 W/ft (9 W/m).


  • Technical Specifications

  • Features

Model: EP-30-36W-24V
Heating Element type: Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) semi-conductor polymer
Width: 12" (305 mm)
Length: Cut to order
Max. Element Length: 20ft (6.1 m)
Weight: 0.23lb/ft (0.34 kg/m)
Thickness: 3/64" (1.2 mm)
Output Wattage (at 24VAC):  11.0 W/ft (36W/m) @68°F (20°C)
9.7 W/ft (32 W/m) @86°F (30°C)
Nominal Resistance: 50 Ω/ft (20 Ω/m) @68°F (20°C)
Primary Draw on 230V: 0.048 amps per foot (0.305)
Strong, thin and flexible element
Designed to provide heated floors in RV's, motorhomes, boats, etc..
Ideal for both renovation and new construction
Operates on 24 volts (AC/DC); Connect to a power supply, solar or wind power
Compatible with any floor covering including, tile, stone, wood, laminate, resilient and carpet.
Self-regulating; As the material gets warmer, less electricity passes through the plastic – therefore it is extremely energy-efficient
Easy to install; roll out the elements and cut to size on the job site, connect wires to power supply and elements
Maintenance-free when installed

About Us

Electro Plastics, Inc. dba STEP Warmfloor® is a US manufacturer of electric radiant underfloor heating, roof de-icing and snow melt systems. The company's headquarters is located in Saint Louis, Missouri, U.S.A. This 35,000 sq feet LEED registered building is a "living laboratory" as proof of the comfort properties and energy efficiency of STEP Warmfloor®. 


Our radiant heating products are ETL listed, have the CE marking and conform to ANSI/UL:

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