ADDITIONAL SYSTEM COMPONENTS - STEP Warmfloor® operates on 24 volts AC/DC and is normally connected to a power supply, but it can also be run on solar or wind power. The radiant heating elements have self-regulating properties which act like a sensor in the floor and help maintain an even heat distribution (less fluctations). A thermostat is used to maintain the desired temperature.


Power Supplies
STEP-Touch-Thermostat Step Warmfloor powersupply Accessories
The STEP Touch® Thermostat saves energy and allows you to maintain the radiant floor heating system to the desired temperature level. STEP Warmfloor® manufacture premium Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) power supplies that are energy efficiant, silent and easy to install. Installation of STEP Warmfloor® electric radiant heating system require specific wires and connectors to comply with the ANSI/UL approval





About Us

Electro Plastics, Inc. dba STEP Warmfloor® is a US manufacturer of electric radiant underfloor heating, roof de-icing and snow melt systems. The company's headquarters is located in Saint Louis, Missouri, U.S.A. This 35,000 sq feet LEED registered building is a "living laboratory" as proof of the comfort properties and energy efficiency of STEP Warmfloor®. 


Our radiant heating products are ETL listed, have the CE marking and conform to ANSI/UL:

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Contact us

  • Address: 11147 Dorsett Rd., Maryland Heights, MO 63043-3505.
  • Toll-Free: 1-877-STEPTEC(783-7832)
  • Tel: +1-314-426-3555
  • Fax: +1-314-426-3556
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