Company History

The Self-regulating Technology of Electro Plastics was developed in 1981. Originally used to heat automobile seats, it has been adapted to an ingenious variety of demanding applications, such as preventing ice build up on Alaskan tug boats, keeping electronics working in Antarctica and offering safe heating for hospital beds.

In 1994, Electro Plastics, Inc. introduced this unique radiant heating system in the United States. Manufactured in Maryland Heights, Missouri, STEP Warmfloor® provides safe, economical heating solutions for homes, commercial buildings, and institutions. Millions of square feet have been installed throughout the world.



It has come to my attention that there is a company, by the name of Elektroplast A.S., who is insinuating that they are related to Electro Plastics, Inc. We want to clarify that the two companies are not affiliated in any way.  I should know since my company developed this heating technology in 1981.

Elektroplast is selling a heating element made in China under the brand name of “EP Warmfloor of Norway” and they want you to believe that it is the same as STEP Warmfloor®  which is manufactured in our company owned factory located in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA. Our building is a “living laboratory”, solely heated with STEP Warmfloor, has PV solar panels and is LEED registered. We have distribution and export all over the world.

It is not sufficient to say that a product is certified, it has to be approved for the application. The manufacturer or reseller should be able to give you their listed approval number(s) and you should require a Certificate of Conformity.

Stephan Irgens

CEO and Owner

Electro Plastics, Inc. / STEP Warmfloor


About Us

Electro Plastics, Inc. dba STEP Warmfloor® is a US manufacturer of electric radiant underfloor heating, roof de-icing and snow melt systems. The company's headquarters is located in Saint Louis, Missouri, U.S.A. This 35,000 sq feet LEED registered building is a "living laboratory" as proof of the comfort properties and energy efficiency of STEP Warmfloor®. 


Our radiant heating products are ETL listed, have the CE marking and conform to ANSI/UL:

 intertek etl small    Cemark small



Contact us

  • Address: 11147 Dorsett Rd., Maryland Heights, MO 63043-3505.
  • Toll-Free: 1-877-STEPTEC(783-7832)
  • Tel: +1-314-426-3555
  • Fax: +1-314-426-3556
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