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We deliver sustainable, safe and energy efficient radiant heating systems


US Manufacturer With In-house Radiant Heating Experts

Our group of in-house radiant heating experts consists of engineers and designers with substantial radiant heating experience from a variety of domestic and international radiant underfloor heating, roof de-icing and snow melt projects.


Radiant Heating Systems for a Variety of Applications

We provide safe, economical radiant heating solutions for a variety of applications; preventing ice build up on Alaskan tug boats, keeping electronics working in Antarctica and heating homes, commercial buildings and institutions.


Free Project Design With Layout 

We provide free layout and electrical worksheet to ensure that the project is according to expectations for your radiant floor warming or total heating project. Our friendly designers will review your projects and explain all your options.


Radiant Heating Quality  Products

STEP Warmfloor® is a ISO 9001 certified company ensuring that the quality of our radiant heating systems and manufacturing processes are according to the highest standards. We are a BBB accredited business with an A+ rating.


95% of Orders Shipped Within 24 Hours
We manufacture our radiant heating products in our centrally located facility in Maryland Heights, St. Louis. We are seldom out of stock and ship 95% of our orders within 24 hours.

World Leader of Flat Polymer Heaters
Electro Plastics, inc d/b/a STEP Warmfloor® is an US engineering company and the leading manufacturer of self-regulating flat heating elements. We have manufactured and sold heating elements worldwide since 1994.

Designed to be easy to install for both professionals and DIY installers

Cut the Radiant Heating Mat to Length at Work Site

The 3", 9" or 12" wide radiant heating mat comes on a roll and can be cut to length and field wired at the work site. There is no need to order customized mats to fit your project!

Install Under Tiles, Hardwood, Laminate or Carpet

The radiant heating mat operates on a low temperature and is approved to be installed under any floor coverings. Heat your tiles, hardwood floors, laminate or carpet without the risk of damage!

No Failure Rate During Installation

The flexible polymer heating mat is durable and will not be affected or destroyed by weight loads or walking on the elements during installation.

Minimal Floor Buildup

The radiant heating mat is so thin (3/64") and can be installed directly under the floor coverings requiring minimal floor buildup.

Flexible Installation Options

The polymer element can be stapled onto the subfloor or stapled up between the joists or set in mortar. Heat your existing floor without removing the existing floor cover or install it directly below your tiles, wood, laminate or carpet.

Suitable for Remodeling and New Constructions

Minimal floor buildup and flexible installation options makes the radiant underfloor heating system just as suitable for retrofit applications, remodeling and new constructions


40-60% more energy efficient than other heating alternatives


More Efficient Heat Distribution

When installed, the 12" wide elements cover over 60% of the floor, thereby warming evenly the floor with a lower temperature.

Elements Run at a Low, Even Temperature

With a reduced operating temperature there is less heat loss to the ground.

Elements Act Like a Floor Sensor 

The STEP Warmfloor® radiant heating element is self-regulating which means that when the ambient temperature increases, the electrical resistance increases and the consumption of electricity decreases.

Heat Where and When You Want

With Step Warmfloor® thermostats you can individually zone every room and/or use the programmable thermostat to adjust the temperature to your specific needs.

Install Directly Under the Floor Cover

STEP Warmfloor® low voltage system can be placed safely closer to the floor surface than any other heating system.

Heat is Maintained Where Needed - At the Floor

Radiant underfloor heating keeps you more comfortable (even at a lower temperature setting) because when your feet are warm, you feel warmer.


Certified green product with 20 years warranty


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Certified Green Product

STEP Warmfloor® is certified by Greener Product who confirms the product complies with the LEED, LEED for Homes and NAHB standards

Earn LEED Credits

According to Greener Product usage of STEP Warmfloor® products may earn credits in the following categories; optimize energy performance, thermal comfort and recyclable content

Made of Recyclable Non-Hazardous Materials

All materials used in the STEP Warmfloor® radiant heating system are ecologically safe.

20% Recycled Materials in Manufacturing

All materials used in manufacturing is recycled. 20% of manufacturing waste is reused in production

20 Year Warranty

There are no high-temperatures, stress, or wear on the material and STEP Warmfloor® comes with a 20 years limited warranty.

Maintenance Free

Once installed, the system will provide a lifetime of soundless comfort.


STEP Warmfloor® - The preferred choice for builders and contractors




STEP Warmfloor® Is Perfect For Remodeling or New Construction

Whether you specialize in new construction or remodeling, STEP Warmfloor® is a great choice. The heating elements are very thin (only 3/64” [1.2mm] thick so there is almost no change in floor elevation), extremely durable (can be walked on during construction, nailed or stapled through), and easy to work with (comes on a roll and can be cut to length on the job site). That means you spend less time on the installation so you can get on to the next job quicker!


Increase Profit and Customer Satisfaction

By adding STEP Warmfloor® to your range of available products, you give your customers the optional luxury of heated floors that will not only add value to their homes, but will also save them money on their monthly energy bill. With the cost of energy rising with no end in sight, “Green” technology is in ever increasingly high demand, and STEP Warmfloor® is over two times more efficient than other radiant heating options.

Free Design Service

Send us a sketch of the room(s), indicating where any fixed objects will be located (sinks, toilets, islands, cabinets, etc.), and we will provide you with a straight forward, easy to explain  CAD layout, wiring diagram, and a chart showing comparable savings verses other radiant heating systems on the market  today. You can also use our online radiant underfloor heating design tool to design and calculate the components needed specific for your project. Our knowledgeable team is here to assist you with any questions you may encounter before, during and after the installation process.

Become Listed as a Registered Installer on Our Website

We receive calls daily from customers looking for someone in their area to install their new STEP Warmfloor® system. As a registered installer, we will have your contact information listed on our website, and you will notice an increase in business as they are able to contact you directly. We’re always striving to improve our products and come up with new applications for STEP Warmfloor®, as a registered installer, you’ll be among the first to know about new product innovations and news. Contact us today to become a registered installer of our radiant heating products. 









STEP Warmfloor® Is a Great Choice For Architects and Engineers


BIM and Specification Information Available

To make specifying STEP Warmfloor® into your next project more convenient, Building Information Modeling and Specification information listed on ARCAT, Inc.’s website.


STEP Warmfloor® Heating Elements Are Extremely Durable

In addition to being thin, STEP Warmfloor® heating elements are also very durable. They can be walked on during installation, nailed or stapled through and will continue to function normally, as long as the conductive flat wires on either side are not damaged.

STEP Warmfloor® is a Thin, Light and Flexible Heating Element

Measuring in at only 3/64” (1.2mm) thick and available in a variety of widths, most commonly 12” or 9”, STEP Warmfloor® is so thin and lightweight, there is virtually no change necessary in architectural designs to allow for either changes in floor height, or weight due to thermal mass (typically a concrete slab).


STEP Warmfloor® Offers a Variety of Heating Elements

No two jobs are the same, and STEP Warmfloor® has different elements for different applications, from residential heating and commercial heating, to snow, roof, and gutter melting systems. It is versatile enough to go under virtually all types of floor covering, and can be used as the primary heat source for an entire building, or just to take the chill out of the floor in a small area.

Radiant Heat is in High Demand as an Energy Efficient Heating Source

Radiant heat has been growing in popularity as an energy efficient heat source, especially in new construction, and STEP Warmfloor® is the most efficient radiant heat around. Over two times more efficient in fact, which means significantly lower energy bills for the end user, and if you are an architect or designer who specializes in green buildings, STEP Warmfloor® can easily be integrated to solar or wind power.


Free Design Service

Our designers will work with you and provide you with CAD drawings for the element layout, wiring diagrams and bill of materials, as well as charts showing the return on investment to be expected compared to alternative radiant heating systems as part of our free design service. That means you can give your clients a solid figure, not just an estimate.







About Us

Electro Plastics, Inc. dba STEP Warmfloor® is a US manufacturer of electric radiant underfloor heating, roof de-icing and snow melt systems. The company's headquarters is located in Saint Louis, Missouri, U.S.A. This 35,000 sq feet LEED registered building is a "living laboratory" as proof of the comfort properties and energy efficiency of STEP Warmfloor®. 


Our radiant heating products are ETL listed, have the CE marking and conform to ANSI/UL:

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